In Nigeria, as well as the rest of Africa, there is no scarcity of digital banks. These fintechs believe that now is the appropriate time to deliver financial services to every market category, from the banked to the unbanked, as the region continues to experience tremendous rise in mobile usage […]

In support of Nigeria’s digital transformation program, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Google Global Services Nigeria have pledged to collaborate to achieve lofty national goals for universal broadband connectivity. This is in line with NCC’s strategic vision plan, which emphasizes strategic engagement and collaboration with key stakeholders to achieve […]

Prof Adesina Sodiya, President of the Nigeria Computer Society, held a news conference recently to update Nigerians on the operations of Africa’s largest computer professional association, according to DigiVation Network. Prof. Sodiya, speaking at the Nigeria Computer Society’s national secretariat in Alausa-Ikeja, acknowledged the society’s exponential increase in membership strength […]

In the 2022 PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Global Index, the eNaira of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Sand Dollar of the Bahamas led the retail project indexes of central banks internationally. The PwC index, titled “The Race to Digital Money,” analyzes and rates the leading retail […]

The association’s goals include serving as a coordinating body for background checkers and data verification service providers in Nigeria; building and supporting the verification service industry in Nigeria, which includes the data and identity verification ecosystem as well as all related industries; and liaising with the government on data verification […]

After postings in Dubai, London, Miami, San Francisco, and Singapore, global digital payments giant Visa has built its first innovation studio in Africa and its sixth internationally in Kenya. In order to co-create payment and commerce solutions, the studio will bring together developers, Visa’s internal and external clients, and other […]

The Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy has officially launched the Nigerian Data Protection Bureau in order to ensure that information technology remains a vehicle for economic growth and development, as well as a means of establishing a veritable machinery for data management, privacy, and protection in Nigeria. The […]