NIRA has slashed the cost of .ng domain by 40%, to stimulate Nigeria’s digital economy

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has chosen to decrease the price domains by almost 40% in order to support Nigeria’s Digital Economy, which is being championed by the federal government.

“The 40 percent reduction in the price of domain will support the government’s agenda for the growth of Nigeria’s Digital Economy, which is overseen by Professor Isa Pantami, the Honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy,” NiRA President Muhammed Rudman said in a statement released yesterday.
He noted that NiRA operates on a 3-R (Registry/Registrar/Registrant) model, and urged members of the public to take advantage of the price drop by contacting NiRA Accredited Registrars for domain name registration.
“As additional Accredited Registrars upgrade their various systems in the coming days,” he continued, “the price decrease on the purchase domain names will have the desired impact of boosting the number of domains online, enhancing the nation’s online identity.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Toba Obaniyi, CEO of WhoGoHost Limited, Accredited Registrar, has recommended businesses to embrace the domain name.

“It’s impossible to overstate the significance of a domain name in terms of your online identity. When searching for information within Nigeria, for example, “Google would prefer show you results using” Google, for example, has both the extensions, indicating that the corporation is forward-thinking. “In order to strengthen the Naira, we must embrace Nigerian items,” he stated.
In the public interest of Nigeria and the worldwide internet community, NiRA is responsible for maintaining the database of registered names in country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) namespace.

Nigerian identification online, just like the currency, the Naira, and the phone code +234.

Domains that are registered under this domain string have various advantages, including geo-targeting, capital flight minimization, and support to the local economy.

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), which domains on behalf of the Nigerian government, has made several initiatives to extend access domains in order to promote expertise and businesses online.
As a way of making these domain names more accessible, NiRA partners with over seventy (70) Accredited Companies known as Registrars and runs empowerment initiatives for Resellers (who are even closer to the grassroots).

Initiatives such as the ability for domain names registered with errors to be corrected within 24 hours at no cost to the Registrant, as well as the opening of previously strings such, have significantly increased the number of businesses that can make themselves available online using domain.

In addition to the aforementioned, NiRA’s Executive Board recently approved a price reduction for domains, further encouraging the public to domains.
NiRA Accredited Registrars sent out broadcasts to their consumers informing them that the pricing domains had been decreased.

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