DigiVation Enterprise Conference


DigiVation Enterprise Conference is the meeting point for innovators, entrepreneurs and leading industry players that have used their ideas and solutions to create thriving enterprise in Nigeria Economy.

The Nigeria Economy has grown in leaps and bound over the years and each sub socio-economy has contributed to the current development of this country. The Nigeria’s GDP has increased by 40% from two years ago , even when the Pandemic shuts down the economic activities, it still thrives greatly. This is due the contribution od may men and women in country through thier leadership have lead many organisations and contributed to the stability of the economy.

It brings together experts in different fields who have demonstrated that being innovative in service or product for consumers is the next frontier for development.

It is the place to meet, discuss, network, meet new partners and recognise players’ achievements and successes.


Sub Themes

Collaboration for Development

Policy and The Future of Knowledge Economy

Technological Innovations

Emerging Technology and ICT Development




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